Tuesday, November 5, 2013

{sunday style}

Sundays are a busy day at our house & we go big, every week.  We bring our A-game for worship, our hair, & our clothing.  I LOVE to dress up so it's not a big deal for me to dress up twice on Sundays, but I also think it's important to put our "best foot forward" when attending Sunday services.

With that in mind, I've decided to start a weekly "sunday style" post to highlight mine & Paisley's hair-do's & outfits.  I am always on the hunt for new hairstyles for both of us & I love seeing the way other people achieve big "pentecostal" hair, so I'm going to share my limited knowledge of all things hair! 

Let's get started!

Paisley has naturally curly/wavy hair & so her hair is easy, most of the time.  She likes to wear it down & it takes a lot of product & time to get the curls just right.  I saw a tutorial on maskcara's blog {here} for no-heat waves & I adapted it to what I thought would work best for Paisley's hair.

small bobby pins {like these}
hairspray {my favorite}

I start with fresh washed hair & I try to get it pinned up while it's still wet.  I always use leave-in conditioner in her hair to comb it out & I also put some curl cream {this one} to keep her curls a little under control.

I part her hair in the front how I want it to fall the next day. Then, spray all over with the texturizing spray. Next, take about a 1" section {larger for looser waves & smaller for tighter curls} & comb through to remove any tangles.  

Then, twist all the way down.  Again, twist tighter for tighter curls.  I keep Paisley's pretty tight because I use the beach spray to loosen them up.  I twist each pin curl into a small bun & bobby pin it at the base.

I start from the front & work my way back, but if I were doing this on myself, I would probably start from the back & work forwards.  

After I finish, I spray all over with hairspray.  She says they don't bother her at all when she goes to bed {& she is pretty particular}

This is what it looks like when I start taking them out the next morning.  Try not get them knotted up & to not mess with them too much.  They tend to frizz if I keep messing with the curls.   As I take out the pins, I spray the beach/texturizing spray every few curls to loosen up the curls & make them more relaxed & wavy.  After you spray, scrunch them up a bit to add texture.

After I spray it with texturizer, I lightly tug on them & fluff here & there to make the curls even & uniform all over.  

Sometimes I bobby pin the top part back, but this week I just added a headband & set with hairspray.  Isn't she precious? She seemed so grown up on Sunday, it makes my heart hurt.  It goes by so quickly, cherish each moment!