Friday, December 27, 2013

brown paper packages.

Merry Christmas to you & yours! We had a wonderful Christmas with all of our family & my office was closed the whole week this year, so it was fabulous to get that extra time with everyone.

For some reason, I didn't get a lot of pictures of Paisley opening her gifts & I didn't get even one of Aaron & I.  I guess I was having a really good time?!

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve this year & I vote to swap off with our families every year.  It makes the whole day so much easier & less stressful when you don't have to track all over town & visit 4 different houses in one day.

My sister & Chris got Paisley a sleeping bag & she LOVED it.  She & Jade kept crawling in it & playing with while they were opening their other gifts. 

Nana & Papa got Paisley a life size Barbie.  She is as tall as Paisley & now that I have her in p's room, she has given me a fright, more than once.

This is Paisley's cousin, Colton.  They don't see each other often, so this is the only picture we have of them together.  Their expressions are priceless.

My Nana & Papa got Paisley a karaoke machine & she LOVES it.  Aaron & I thought it was great, at first.  Now, not so much.  The volume control lets her get the music & microphone very loud & she likes it very LOUD! It's funny to hear her make up songs & belt them out with all her heart.

We are nappers in our family & holidays are no exception!

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