Monday, December 9, 2013

{tis' the season}

Paisley was able to go see Santa & Mrs. Claus at a friend's house & for weeks she has been talking about how she wasn't going to be scared this time.  The last couple of years, she has cried & gotten really upset when it comes her turn to get her gift.

Santa gives each child a gift {that was brought previously by the parents/grandparents}  Paisley was so brave! She walked up & got her present like a big girl! She wouldn't sit on his lap or hug him, but who could blame her? 

 The next day we decorated our tree & Paisley was such a big helper. She was so proud of it!

Later that day, we went to the mall for a bit & she was enthralled with Santa {from afar}. I was able to get this precious picture of her watching him.  Right after this, the "elf" came over & told me that we weren't allowed to take pictures of "Santa".  Pffft.  Whatev.  I got this one & I adore it, elf.

Super Sunday was this week, & last time Paisley had a slight breakdown so I was pretty nervous about how it would go.  Aaron & I kept talking it up & making sure she knew the songs & that it was no biggie & that there was no reason for her to be nervous.
She did awesome & didn't act nervous, at all!

That night, she was in rare form & wanted to take a lot of pictures.  She was being such a ham!

Please note: she is also wearing her persnickety cuffs with this oufit, which is HUGE! I searched & searched last season & wasn't able to get my hands on any.  When they came out this year, I nabbed them immediately & Paisley absolutely refused to wear them. She is at a weird stage, where she thinks certain things are "silly" & then will just be so ridiculous about wearing it, that I usually give up.  Not this time, little p. I wouldn't let up until she LOVED those cuffs as much as I do.  I showed her loads of pictures of other little girls on Pinterest wearing them.  I talked them up so much, that now she wants to wear them with everything.  This is a win, people!  You got that stubborness somewhere, sweet little p. 

Look at that personality? I love her so much that my heart could burst!

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