Wednesday, October 23, 2013

.snapshots & souvenirs.

We recently had family pictures taken by Tonya at 374 Photagraphy & I am in love with them. Tonya did a wonderful job & I am so glad we finally decided to get them done.
I have wanted to get family pictures done for a while, but we just never got around to it. I take tons of snapshots of our daily life & of Paisley, but there is just something wonderful about having a professional photographer capture your memories. We all change so much from year to year & I'm hoping we will continue having them done, every year.

I saw some pictures on pinterest of a family taken at the fair & I fell in love with them. I was instantly drawn to the bright colors & all the different options for backdrops.

Tonya was fantastic with Paisley. She captured her personality & expressions perfectly. Paisley is strong-willed {understatement of the year} & doesn't warm up to people quickly so I was worried she would clam up & not act like herself. Tonya had her helping her & talking to her within just a few shots.


Look at her...Isn't she gorgeous?  I might be slightly partial,  but just a bit.  See that ornery face?  You can really see her personality in these & I love it!

I'm so glad we finally had pictures taken & I'm sure in a year {or 10} I'll be even more thankful that I have them to look back on.

Until next time!

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